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Hello, my name is Idunn and I run a London-based translation company.

I work with clients to get their message across to the Norwegian audience. Whether you’re telling a story, selling a product or offering a service; localising your content will make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

I can help you tailor your message to make it connect with the culture of the Norwegian people, in their colloquial or formal language – whichever suits your subject matter!

I founded ISR Translations Ltd. in 2018 and have very much enjoyed working with a variety of clients since. I've worked on localising websites for large companies looking to expand into the Norwegian territory, and translated a non-fiction book for its publication in Norway.

I’ve also created subtitles for some of the biggest production companies in the world and provided quality control services for the last stages of dubbing processes.

I offer a personal translation service where I speak directly to my end-clients, which allows me to really understand their needs and also speed up the communication process.

Whether I’m working with big or small companies, I know how important it is for them to come out of the collaboration with a quality product and a positive impression. I know I don’t spend my company’s funds on things I don’t care about – so why would you?

I always strive for my collaborations to land on the fine line between high quality results and efficient delivery.

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Idunn has done a great job for us and we will definitely assign more projects to her in the future! Should you need a reliable Norwegian linguist to complete translations, revisions or subtitling, you can count on her.

Senior Project Manager

My Education

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
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Trade Degree in Publishing
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My Experience

2 years running a translation company
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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
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Subtitling for major production companies
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3 years in the publishing industry
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My Approach

Clear and speedy communication
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Personal and friendly service
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Reliable data security routines
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Your Final Results

Timely deliveries
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Top-notch quality
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Post-completion support
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